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Sensing of Chiral Molecules with Metamaterials-related Optical Sensors

The ability to create artificial early human embryos could benefit research in Chirality is a fundamental property of life. The chiral sensing and analysis of molecules is crucial to chemistry, biology and medicine. Detecting the inherently weak nature of the chiral response of molecules remains one of the great challenges in the fields of optics and photonics. Optical sensors traditionally struggle to detect inherently weak chiral signals from molecules. Here, a metamaterials-related sensor is predicted to increase chiral sensitivity by three orders of magnitude. Metamaterials-related optical sensors are engineered structures designed to interact with electromagnetic radiation and the molecules in a desired fashion. They can interact with the electric and magnetic components of light in a way that enhances the sensing of molecules.

The paper is entitled ‘Enhanced chiroptical responses through coherent perfect absorption in a parity-time symmetric system’ and is published in Nature Communications Physics.

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