Living Systems Institute

Aquatic Resources Centre

The University of Exeter Aquatic Resources Centre (ARC) includes 14 aquaria rooms housing a wide range of freshwater and marine species, each relevant to a series of specific research questions for researchers in the Living Systems Institute, Biosciences and the wider University of Exeter.

Image by Alexander Bell (Zebrafish Technician)

Centre for Cytomics

Cytometry technology facility at the University of Exeter providing the next generation of flow cytometry systems for quantitative single cell research. This includes cutting-edge flow cytometry analysis (acoustic, spectral, imaging), BSLII cell sorting (e.g. spectral sorter), multiplexing and complex data analysis (DL, ML).

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Mass Spectrometry facility

The Mass Spectrometry Facility specialises in the analysis of small molecules (<1000 daltons).  Typical applications supported within the facility include:  targeted analysis of  amino acids, plant hormones, mammalian steroid hormones, monosaccharides, disaccharides, plant glucosinolates and polar organic acids alongside metabolic profiling, calculations of concentrations and  comparative quantification of selected unknown metabolites.

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Sequencing Facility

The Exeter Sequencing Service provides state-of-the-art genomics and bioinformatics analysis to researchers in academia and industry.  A number of different sequencing platforms are available alongside dedicated support to assist with experimental design.

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